The New Driving Force Behind Australia’s Upcoming Property Boom. And Why It’s Closer Than You Think 

If you’ve read about property in the papers you’d be mistaken for thinking investors are about to go bankrupt and burn in hell.  

In fact this is completely wrong.  

Despite the real estate ‘doom and gloom’ in the papers …  

… smart investors know a new boom is just around the corner.  

And they’re snapping up property like kids in a lolly shop. 

There is a group who are secretly planning to reverse the trend and return us to the glory days of rising house prices.  

They have the money. 

They have the desire.  

And they’re armed to the teeth with the political firepower to make it happen.  

How do I know this? 

It’s simple.  

It’s the Australian Government. 

Not the banks.  

Not the private developers. 

And certainly not people like you or me.  

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Don’t worry about their ‘concern’ about the poor first home buyer … these mongrel politicians are drunk on their swelling property portfolios and they’re not going to let prices fall in the long term.  

Our Federal Pollies Have 561 Properties Worth At Least Half A Billion Dollars  

At the Australian median price of $809,000 these 561 properties are worth $431 million.  

And this figure is almost certainly much higher.  

Almost certainly half a billion dollars or more.  

That’s because these properties could include million dollar mansions, multi-residential buildings, commercial property and even entire farms.  

We know for a fact that Queensland Nationals senator Barry O’Sullivan owns 33 properties including 6 house blocks which are yet to be developed, 11 agricultural properties, 7 commercial properties and 5 industrial properties.  

You can bet a lot of these are worth a fortune.  

Plus he has a stake in a construction company which was just awarded $25 million worth of contracts – 80% of which came from the Commonwealth Government! 

Then there’s all the property which senators can hold in their spouses’ names without even being declared. (Yes it’s legal for them and nobody knows why.) Plus all the property potentially hiding in their trusts and superannuation funds, and who knows how many millions are tucked away in there.  

Take Matthias Cormann for example. 

He owns land in Kalgoorlie through his SMSF. 

Yet you won’t find any mention of it in his parliamentary register of interests. 

Fact is, half a billion dollars is conservative. It’s probably far more.  

So imagine what would happen if a government was making policy decisions on property … 

… and these same fat cats pollies are sitting on at least half a billion dollars worth of assets … 

 … all of which could rise or fall depending on their next move.  

Do you reckon they’re going to vote for something which will see THEIR OWN house prices drop? 

Follow the money.  

Self Interest and Greed

And in case you don’t know our new PM "ScoMo” spent 6 years as the National Policy and Research Manager for the Property Council of Australia.  

He knows how important property is. And he is mates with many of the nation’s wealthiest developers.  

By the way this isn’t just the coalition.  

Almost 200 houses are owned by ALP pollies so if Bill Shorten comes to power, do you reckon he’ll be planning to send house prices down? 

Not if he likes being PM he won’t.  

The Government Won't Let House Prices Collape 

Economically speaking the government desperately needs house prices to go up. 

For a start, nobody likes it when house prices drop. In last year’s WA state election the government was turfed out of power off the back of a mere 4.46% drop in house prices.  

And with over 2,000,000 Aussie property investors (and voters), you can imagine how keen the government are to get things back on track as soon as possible.  

However it’s not just votes.  

The Construction Industry Would Collapse If Property Fell 

This is no joke. Construction is the third biggest industry in Australia behind health care and retail.  

And if property took a nosedive then building would grind to a halt, and the multi-billion dollar construction industry would be decimated.  

Imagine the mess from tens of thousands of unemployed tradies. What about hundreds of suppliers going out of business? 

It would be catastrophic.  

Tax revenues would be slashed and unemployment benefits would go through the roof.  

And don’t forget the trade unions who represent these workers are all pulling the strings behind the ALP. So even if they get into power you can’t imagine anything affecting their members, right? 

Higher House Prices Flood The Economy With Cash 

Something else which happens when prices go up. People borrow against the value of their home to make big purchases like a renovation, a car or even a wedding.  

Other people use this as a personal bank to start a new business. 

And if house prices dropped any more it would wipe out this huge source of critical money. And the government needs this money to keep flowing.  

The government have accepted prices will rise and are preparing for it.

If you want more proof then look at how the government are cashing up first home buyers.  

They know house prices are going to keep climbing and they’ve literally given up on prices coming down. 

Instead they’re playing the only card they’ve got and cashing them up to the eyeballs. It’s the only way to help them.  

First home buyer grants are back in fashion.  

In Victoria and NSW you can get $10,000 if you’re a first home buyer in Queensland you can get up to $20,000.  

Plus first home buyers can buy without even paying stamp duty for purchases up to $550,000 in Queensland, $600,000 in Victoria and $650,000 in NSW.  

And first home buyers can now put up to $30,000 into superannuation, get massive tax breaks on it and then pull it out to buy their first home. 

They’re speeding up planning approvals too because they need new stock on the market quickly.  

And the Victorian government are even trailing a co-ownership scheme where you can buy your house with the government.  

See what I mean?  

They won’t admit it but they know prices are going to rocket up soon so they’re doing their best to give first home buyers some extra cash.  

Won’t the Royal Commission Look Into Finance, Slow The Market Down?  

Not a chance my friend.  

Any slowdown from the Royal Commission will be short lived.  

As you can now see, the government is hell-bent on house prices going up.  

So while the banks are playing “responsible corporate citizen” today they’ll be back to the good old days tomorrow.  

Sure, there will be some tightening here and there but not much.  

And since the government controls APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) and APRA control the banks it won’t take long before Scott Morrison has a quiet word with APRA to loosen the reins off again. 

Here’s Where You Come In And Clean Up 

Right now there is a golden opportunity for well prepared investors to clean up.  

Yes, finance is harder to get thanks to the royal commission. However this doesn’t mean it’s the end.  

It just means you need to remember the 7Ps. 

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance.  

Most investors have come from the days when money was easy to get. And things are different today.  

Today we have two types of investors.  

Which Of The Two Types Of Investor Are You? 

The first type are the ‘mum and dad’ investors who have been able to invest for years. However right now they’re struggling.  

The banks are knocking them back because they don’t have the equity to borrow in today’s lower LVR environment.  

Or the banks don’t even think they can service a new loan – even if they clearly can.  

And they’re about to get knocked out of the race.  

Then there’s the second type of investor I call the sophisticated investor.  

The sophisticated investor can keep investing because they’re prepared.  

They have the equity, income and the plan to keep going.  

There are two groups emerging and you can’t afford to be the ‘mum and dad’ investor.  

At This Webinar I’ll Turn You Into A Sophisticated Investor So You Clean Up 

And that’s what the 5 Power Properties Webinar is all about. 

Exploiting this brief market anomaly so when the government gets property racing away again you’ll reap the benefits.  

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For sure, it’s not as easy as it was in the past, and it might take a bit more work to get you ‘investor-friendly’ for the banks. However when you do you’ll join the ranks of the pro-investor, ready to snap up bargains with instant equity built into them. 

Better still …

You’re Going To Discover How To Retire With Just 5 Properties.

Granted, they have to be the right properties purchased in the right order. You can’t just go out and buy any old place. 

When you do it my way, each property has a role to play in your retirement. And it can be done with 5. 

And today with banks getting stricter it’s more important than ever to do this planning up front. 

So I’m going to show you exactly what properties to buy, and show you how to get yourself ready to start right now while the going is so good. 

Here’s some of what you’ll discover … 

  • How to exploit the temporary market downturn and set yourself up for windfall profits as the government gets it back on track
  • Exactly how the 5 power-property plan works, and how it fits together to create a financial fortress
  • How to plan your next property moves years in advance so you know exactly what to do and when
  • The best areas in Australia for securing today’s bargains which will turn into tomorrow’s big movers. We're giving you the two capital cities and the one regional city which are poised for years of massive growth
  • What you should do after you discover a hotspot - this confirms if your research is accurate or misguided
  • Draw three rings around any capital city – divide them into hipster, middle and McMansion – and we’ll show you exactly where you should invest and why
  • Have you been told only to invest in family houses with lots of land? There’s a massive change in the ‘typical’ Australian household which means this advice is not just outdated, it’s downright dangerous
  • The wealth of information you can get from this free source – and best of all it’s fully staffed with people who are legally required to give you anything you ask for
  • What it really takes to get finance at rates that would make your jaw drop, even as the banks knock back ‘regular’ borrowers
  • Exactly what you need to know before applying for your next loan to avoid the catastrophic rookie errors which are almost impossible to fix
  • ANSWERED: Should you go to the big 4 banks or small tier lenders first?
  • Sneaky yet 100% legal ways to get finance approved when all looks lost  

We’re also going through the fundamentals on why markets move. 

If you’ve ever you’ve seen some suburbs explode in value overnight while others refuse to budge then it won’t be a mystery much longer. 

Even though they might look identical on the surface there are tell-tale signs you can use to uncover the next big boomer. 

These are the signs seasoned developers use to uncover the next big hotspots 18 – 24 months in advance. 

And I’m going to show you which suburbs our research is pointing to, and show you why.  

 We’re also going to cover …

  • How to buy property at up to $50,000 below market value in boom areas. Other investors are paying full price but you’ll be quietly snapping up premium property way below market value with equity built in
  • Old versus new? Houses, duplexes or units? All your questions finally answered.
  • Why you need to know the latest employment stats - you'll get the jobs data which drives house prices
  • Should you buy a house first or rent and invest?
  • If you already have a house, should you pay it off before starting a portfolio?
  • How a single mother took her small divorce payout and turned it into a $45,000 passive income in 3 years
  • How to exploit the ATO and banks so you get maximum income and capital growth at their expense
  • How to potentially slash 7 years off your mortgage – without increasing your repayments

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The Ball Is In Your Court Now. It’s Up To You Which Way It Bounces  

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Duncan Yelds Property Strategist

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Most likely regretting not buying while the going was so good. 

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Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Who is this webinar for? This event is for everyone from beginners to seasoned investors who want to create astonishing wealth. Just one tip could add significant wealth to your bank account.
  • Why is the webinar free? At the end of the event you will be able to talk to me if you’d like my help setting up your personalised ‘5 Power Properties Plan’. So I thought the best way to help you decide if my help could be right for you would be to give you my best ideas and strategies. This way you’ll know for sure if you want my help. And even if you don’t you’ll still walk away with a wealth of information on how to create wealth in today’s market.
  • Will is webinar be recorded? At this stage I don't plan to record the webinar. If you can make it, there will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.  

Find Out More At This FREE Property Webinar Date and Time - 20th March 2019 at 8pm AEDT